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Restoring Your Beloved Possessions in Edmonton

Sparklean Resorations is dedicated to maintaining as much of your property structure and beloved possessions throughout Edmonton as possible after flood or fire damage. We use various methods to restore the contents within your home or business depending on the severity of the damage and the type of contents.

Soft Contents

Soft contents include clothing, shoes, leather goods and certain industrial goods. Traditionally, most soft contents would have to be discarded after a disaster. Thanks to our Esporta Wash System, our team is able to remove much more sewage and smoke damage, helping you keep as much of your clothing and soft goods as possible.

Hard Contents

The term “hard contents” encompasses a large variety of items including toys, antiques, dishes and clocks. Because most traditional restoration methods don’t get these pieces completely clean of water and smoke damage, we use the Omegasonics Ultrasonic system to handle the majority of damaged hard contents. This will help you get your possessions back quicker and in better condition.

Electronic Contents

Because everyone has several expensive electronic systems in their homes, Sparklean Restorations is committed to helping you save as many of your computers, television and entertainment systems as possible. We apply special cleaning solutions and conditioned water to get into hard to reach crevices. The system’s air gun eliminates the excess moisture so your electrical equipment dries as quickly as possible. Our mobile units also let us clean heavy industrial equipment on-site, saving you time and money.


Damaged paper goods like books, old letters, files and other important documents can deteriorate quickly in flooding thanks to the moisture in the air and the potential for mould. Our docu-dry system is a quick acting recovery solution for those who need to keep their documents safe after a disaster. If the documents are beyond repair, our team offers photocopying and cataloging options.

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