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For Prompt Mould Abatement in Edmonton, Call Us

You've just discovered mould in your basement. You're not sure how long it's grown there, but you suspect the trouble started after your water heater burst and flooded your carpeting, and caused water damage. Regardless of the scenario, mould can grow anywhere in your home or business. Although not all mould is toxic, you shouldn't take chances. Your health and property safety may be at risk.

Call Sparklean Restorations before mould takes over. We'll take care of all mould removal in your Edmonton property – and we'll make sure your structures and belongings are safe before we finish the job.

How to Recognize Mould

Because mould comes in many colours and shapes, you may not know you have a problem. Common moulds include:

  • Stachybotrys atra (or chartarum) - Commonly called black mould, this species is dangerous, and it thrives on moisture. Look for greenish-gray or black spots that also appear slimy. Black mould also smells musty.
  • Cladosporium - This mould species is quite common and may also appear as olive-brown, buff, or gray. It may look similar to black mould, except that it will generally feel dry and powdery.
  • Aspergillus - Unlike the previously mentioned moulds, aspergillus is generally airborne. It may float in the air when other moulds are present. Although it is not as dangerous as the above moulds, it may still cause allergies or disease.

Timing Matters – Call Sparklean Immediately

If you've had flooding, mould will begin to grow right away. You need to contact Sparklean Restorations within 12 hours of a flood. We target mould with advanced equipment that is as strong as a sand blaster, but not messy.

All you'll have left is clean, dry surfaces. Our dry ice blasters also save nearly 90% on labour, making the process simpler for us and you.

Don't wait. Call us immediately to take care of mould abatement in your Edmonton home or business.

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