4 steps you need to take immediately when a storm damages your home

There’s no time to delay when you’ve been affected by a big storm, especially if you’re facing significant water damage. Act quickly by enlisting the help of emergency restoration services for mould removalwater damage restoration and more. But don’t wait for professional help to arrive before taking action. Keep reading to learn the four steps you should take without delay if your home or business has suffered significant storm damage.

1. Safety first 

One of the first things you should do if you’ve experienced storm damage is to take precautions to ensure the safety of your home, it’s occupants and your neighbours. Do the following to make sure everyone stays safe:

  • Turn off all gas lines on your property, especially if you smell gas
  • Check for water damage and mould growth 
  • Call a restoration company to secure and assess your structure 

2. Contact your insurance agency 

Call your insurance agency as soon as possible and let them know what has happened. Provide as much detail as possible so they can assess the situation and help you get started with your claim. Individual insurance policies vary greatly so you’ll also want to clarify exactly what’s covered by your policy and what’s not.

3. Document the destruction 

Document all damage to your home, property and belongings and keep detailed notes. Take photos of both the interior and exterior of your home as well as your yard.

Be sure to photograph any personal belongings that were damaged by the storm, including furniture, appliances and other possessions. Keep all receipts and get all quotes for renovations and repairs in writing.

4. Ask for help 

The provincial government of Alberta has disaster recovery programs in place to help you restore your property to a liveable condition after you’ve been affected by severe water, storm or fire damage. They provide financial assistance to cover the costs of damage to uninsurable property, losses and some of your other related expenses.The Canadian Red Cross also offers a number of different types of disaster relief assistance to Edmonton residents including emergency shelter and emergency food and clothing.

If you’ve suffered from fire, storm or water damage or you require professional emergency restoration or mould removal services in Edmonton or the surrounding areas, Sparklean Restoration can help.

Sparklean Restoration is proud to offer 24/7 water damage restoration, fire restoration, mould removal and cleaning services to Edmonton and anyone living within a 150-kilometre radius of the city. Contact us today to learn more about the services we offer or to request emergency assistance.