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Carpet Cleaning Services in St. Albert and Edmonton

Sparklean Restorations has been an industry leader for the past 20 years, providing effective residential and commercial carpet cleaning in St. Albert and throughout the Edmonton area. A clean and presentable area helps to welcome your guests and business clients and make a great first impression. Our team has perfected our carpet cleaning techniques through our years of service. Using our proprietary brand of ecofriendly (perfume-free, dye-free, and VOC-free) cleaning products, we can help bring your carpeting back to its former beauty as well as help to remove any dust, dirt or allergens that could be contaminating the air in your home or business.

Why You Should Schedule Regular Carpet Cleaning in St. Albert

For many people, cleaning carpets and upholstered furniture is an obvious solution when you can visibly see dirt on the items. However, this isn’t the only time you should be cleaning your carpet. Though it may not look dirty, carpet can hold a lot of unseen pollutants and germs that should be removed. At Sparklean Restorations, we can provide carpet cleaning in St. Albert and the Edmonton area. Cleaning your carpet and upholstered furniture regularly will help to:

  • Improve the air quality of your home or business by removing bio-pollutants from your floors and furnishings
  • Remove dust and danders that trigger symptoms for allergy and asthma sufferers
  • Remove microscopic germs that you are unable to see, but can make you sick
  • Restore the colour and texture of the carpet and upholstery fibres
  • Remove stains that can set in overtime and can become too difficult to remove later
  • Protect a major investment in your home and save you money in the future
At Sparklean Restorations, we can clean most any type of carpets, from area rugs to wall-to-wall carpets to any upholstered furniture. We can also protect your investment with fabric protectors and even fire retardants to improve building safety.

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