What to Know and Ask Before You Hire a Mould Removal Company

Maybe you’ve wiped away visible mould or mixed up a bleach solution to attack it. Did you know that spraying or dry wiping it can sometimes cause mould spores to spread around your home? Professional mould removal companies in Edmonton can properly contain the spores and clean your space.

Identifying Mould

  • Airborne mould may be hard to spot, but can still aggravate allergies.
  • Dry and powdery mould usually means it’s not growing, but it will grow again with moisture.
  • Black spots or greenish-grey areas are not always the black mould we think it is. Professional testing is the only way to determine the strain.

If you do find mould, contact your Edmonton mould abatement specialists to inspect your home or business.

Five Questions to Ask a Mould Removal Company:

1. Are you licensed, insured & BBB accredited?
Is the company qualified to do the work it’s proposing? Ask to see the actual licensing and insurance certificates. Check the insurance coverage. You should also see if the BBB has any complaints registered.

2. Can you provide references for the last job you’ve completed?
Don’t avoid this step. If you don’t specifically ask for a reference from their last job, companies may only give you names of satisfied customers. Professional mould removal companies in Edmonton will give you names and contact information. Get references from several companies. Ask references to rate their overall satisfaction with the company.

3. Is this procedure necessary? Why?
Reliable mould abatement companies like Sparklean Restoration in Edmonton will explain whether you need their services and why. They will also describe the methods required for inspecting and cleanup.

4. Will you provide a detailed quote?
Ask for details in writing, including prices. You want to ensure the company will consult you if they find further problems. Make sure you review the quote with the company before you approve the work. Ask if the work is guaranteed. What is the company’s policy?

5. How long will I need to be out of my house?

It depends. Sparklean Restoration’s certified specialists are trained to take the necessary precautions. With these in place, you can usually stay in your home during the cleaning process.

Mould removal is serious stuff. Your health and well-being can be at stake. You can rely on Sparklean Restoration for proper mould removal in your home or business in the Edmonton area. If you suspect you have a mould problem contact us today.