Preventing mould in Edmonton Alberta homes

6 Tips for Keeping Your House Mould-free

Is there a musty odour lingering in your basement? Have you noticed black or greyish-brown blotches on your ceiling, walls or around your windowsills? Sounds like you have a mould problem on your hands!

Mould grows wherever there’s moisture: walls, ceiling, floor, furniture, basement, plants, insulation, etc. These growths, which are usually black, greenish-grey, brown, orange or white in colour, develop on damp surfaces and produce airborne particles (spores) that are hazardous to your health. Respiratory problems, sinus congestion, headaches and throat irritations are just a few examples of symptoms related to a mould-infested home. 

What causes mould?
Long-term moisture problems, water leaks,flooding and condensation create the perfect environment for mould to take root and spread throughout the home—sometimes in areas that aren’t visible to the naked eye (behind walls, beneath floorboards, etc.). Musty odours or surface abnormalities, like cracked paint and warped ceilings, should automatically raise a red flag. It doesn’t take long for mould to take root!

How to prevent mould
Stop mould from taking over your home and wreaking havoc on your family’s health with these six simple steps:

1. Limit condensation. Condensation occurs when the warmer air in your home comes into contact with colder surface temperatures. Make sure your walls, windows, doors, etc., are well insulated. 

2. Increase airflow. Proper ventilation is crucial for controlling humidity. Regularly open your windows to recycle the air in your home and run an exhaust fan every time you shower or cook up a storm. 

3. Remove moisture. As previously mentioned, high humidity levels feed mould. Running a dehumidifier is a foolproof way to remove excess moisture in the air for a more comfortable living environment that isn’t conducive to mould. 

4. Disinfect carpets. You might not know it but your carpets carry a lot of pollutants and microscopic germs. It’s important to regularly steam clean your carpets to improve air quality and identify stains that could be hiding any number of toxins. 

5. Fix plumbing leaks. Water seepage from a rusty or dilapidated pipe is one of the primary causes of black mould in the home. One of the more toxic varieties, black mould thrives on moisture and often appears slimy to touch. 

6. Seek immediate help in case of a flood. Time is of the essence! If you’re dealing with water damage to your Edmonton home from a severe storm, burst pipe or clogged sink, get a quick-response team on site to remedy the situation right away—it only takes 24 hours for mould to start growing! As an industry leader in mould removal and emergency repair, Sparklean Restoration is fully equipped to swiftly remove hazardous material and restore your home back to prime condition.

In most scenarios, bleach and water can be used to rid your house of mould; however, it doesn’t guarantee that mould won’t eventually creep its way back in. And what about those neglected, hard-to-reach areas? Those are the places where mould thrives the most!

Let Sparklean protect your investments! For more than 20 years, we’ve been helping homeowners in Edmonton and St. Albert revive their humble abode with a wide range of trusted services, including flood restoration, mould removal.

If you suspect mould, call Sparklean before it takes over!